Radio Shock Jock Flusters Antivaxxer

The radio show, Rover’s Morning Glory, had antivaxxer Brandy Vaughn on the show. Things start to go cattywampus for her on the issue of her credentials.

The long and the short of it that she was a pharma rep for Merck, for whom she sold Vioxx. Now she runs an scare-mongering effort called “Learn the Risk.” She claims a “background in biochemistry” but when pressed, she reveals this means biochemistry coursework at the bachelor’s level. That doesn’t qualify anyone as an expert in anything.

Now, I didn’t title this “SHOCK JOCK DESTROYS ANTI-VAXXER” because we all need less clickbait in our lives. I admit this is just a cheap thrill along the lines of the infamous Jeremy Paxman-Michael Howard interview.

But for me, it’s galling to hear someone refer to themselves as an expert based on such flimsy experience. Watching people like Vaughan inflate their credentials to such dramatic degree doesn’t just seem like advertising puffery–it seems incredibly dishonest. Being an expert is a lot more than cherry-picking studies you found on Google Scholar.

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